And darkness fell


Melinda was sitting alone by the window, as she had done every night since she arrived at this strange place. Her eyes were shiny with moisture when she looked out over the grey, moss-covered mountainside. With a lump in her stomach, she closed her eyes and hoped that the whole thing had been a nightmare.
     The room, which she found herself in, resembled a medieval castle chamber and was quite beautiful, but for Melinda it was a prison. Without permission, she could not leave the castle, nor come and go in her own room without guards.
     As the days passed frustration grew. One day she was angry, the next day sad. Damn him ... He could not do this to her!
     Again, she looked out across the barren landscape and leaned forward with her hand on the cold window sill. Absent she gazed up into the sky. The heaven had darkened further, and thunder approached.
     The feelings were overwhelming. Tears, always these damned tears. How weak may one actually be allowed to be, she thought irritably, raised her hand to the face and wiped them away.
     Melinda sighed and bit her lip, knew she had done wrong and had only herself to blame. Seventeen years old and so gullible. Why hadn´t she listened to all the warnings she received? If she had done so, this would never have happened, but now it was too late to feel remorse.
     It started to rain, and darkness made the surroundings feel even gloomier. Why didn´t anyone tell her what was going on? Why was she trapped against her will? Melinda started thinking about the things she still wanted to do with her life. She got the urge to flee but knew it wasn’t possible.
     In the shadows he watched. The dark dressed, devastatingly handsome guy. But Melinda wasn’t fooled by an attractive exterior, he was straight through the bone evil. She lowered her gaze and stared down at the floor. In that motionless position, she remained sitting for a long while.
     One day she would be free of him!